Color Construct Create, OT

I am sooooo not an artist!!!

Halloween Handiwork

Ten years ago, if you had asked me what I would be doing, it would certainly not be teaching art classes.  As a child, I loved watching my mom sew, I would make small projects with my Girl Scout troop, and remember sewing matching shorts with my high school friends.  I made my first quilt the summer before I went away to college.  I have always enjoyed crafting – making beaded jewelry, scrapbooking, and putting together fun projects for the kids I babysat or my own younger siblings.  My love of crafts has followed me into adulthood.  My home is scattered with a handmade decor, carefully assembled scrapbooks, and several memory quilts.  I love when I get the chance to make a Halloween costume or a Christmas or birthday gift for a friend/family member.  Despite my love for crafting, I readily admit that my drawing, painting and expressive art skills could use a bit  some a lot of work.  I remember painting a dresser with my college roommates.  One drawer had beautiful flowy flowers, another had amazing geometric designs, the other was an adorable cityscape.  Mine, well, mine looked like a kindergartner did it… star. heart. rainbow. cloud.   That dresser is now gone (good riddance), and my fabulous art skills remain.  Fortunately, I also discovered an alternate career path in the event that artist didn’t pan out.

That leads us to where I am today.  I find that I had less and less time for crafting as I am in the throws of homework, soccer, music lessons and scouting activities for my three very active children.  I am the co-leader of my daughter’s Girl Scout troop, manage my son’s soccer team, and found that I have very little time to spend making crafts and putting together scrapbooks.  I am a pediatric occupational therapist (OT) and have enjoyed every minute of it!  I love working with kids, helping them navigate their individual challenges to conquer their everyday activities.

Working on pencil grasp

Several years ago, I was feeling like I was constantly struggling to find “me time”.  I was working in the school district, treating oodles of children during the school day, shuttling my own children to the various and assorted activities in the afternoon and finally getting to my paperwork in the evening.  Although my crafting tendencies have carried over somewhat into my professional life, there was still something missing.   Kelly and I came to the same realization at the same time in our lives.  We needed to do something about it.  Our combined experiences and professional backgrounds led us to form Color, Construct, Create Studios.

Sensory fun

Now, using my background as an OT, I can facilitate our budding artists sensory, fine, and visual motor skills through art.  A pediatric occupational therapist facilitates a child’s whole body development through activities of daily living.  During art class, we work on pencil grip, scissor skills, sensory processing, drawing and visual perceptual skills.  We interact with our peers to share supplies, take turns on sensory equipment (yes, we have sensory equipment in our art studio… isn’t that wonderful!!!), and complete collaborative art projects.   Even better, I get to craft and play away!

~ Kristin