Color Construct Create

Art is Popping!

Hey there!  We are back in the art studio and, wow, our kids are amazing!  We are studying art of the 1950’s and 60’s and are having a BLAST!!!  Last week, we made studied the icon, Andy Warhol.  Check out our mixed media block prints! img_2424

Playing with color and shape (Woot woot!! Word of the Week!) is a great way to get kids to really engage in what they are making.  They are able to see things, like complimentary colors, before we are even able to teach the concepts!  We got messy with our second project.  The kids rolled glue onto card stock and made these stunning abstract bouquets.  I am constantly blown away by their ability to see the world in ways I have never thought of.

Doesn’t their art really POP!?!