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The Take Home: Shoulder Stability

What is shoulder stability??? It seems to be on just about every take home sheet!

When we are working on our painting projects, either at the table or on an easel (or wall), we work on shoulder stability.  Having a stable shoulder girdle promotes efficient use of the rest of the arm, wrist and hand, which is essential for drawing, writing and cutting tasks.  Many of our children have difficulty with shoulder stability so this is a skill we work on frequently.  A stable shoulder allows us to trace a line fluidly with a sharpie or paintbrush.  It allows the free movement of the arm to move in a controlled manner to draw precisely.  The video below demonstrates how free arm movement is helpful for tracing activities.  Our little artist can guide the paintbrush along her black line smoothly without smearing the already painted lines with her forearm.  Many of our children are unable to move the entire arm freely.  Therefore, like this video, the child may place their elbow on the table for improved control of the wrist and hand.    If your child has difficulty with shoulder stability, try having him/her draw or paint on a vertical surface (like an easel or wall) to encourage strong shoulder muscles!!!

There are a lot of fun ways to improve shoulder stability.  Play tug-o-war, wheel barrow walking, crab soccer, and anything else that looks like crawling!